200th container of Dual waterbeds

1 March 2023

Last week the 200th container with dual waterbeds was delivered to Spinder. This important milestone means that meanwhile 125,000 cows throughout Europe enjoy the optimal lying comfort of a Dual Waterbed.

As a European partner of DCC Waterbeds, Spinder is proud to provide dairy farmers with high-quality solutions that promote the well-being of their cows. With a focus on increasing comfort for cow and dairy farmer, Spinder is dedicated to developing innovative barn concepts that work for years.

DCC's Dual waterbeds are designed to provide maximum comfort for cows and promote better circulation, reducing the risk of hairless hocks and improving overall health. The knee cushion provides additional comfort when the cow lies down, and once lying down the cow "floats" on the waterbed. The convex shape keeps the waterbed dry and hygienic, requiring only a small amount of bedding and cleaning as daily maintenance. By choosing Spinder as a partner, dairy farmers across Europe can be confident that they are investing in top-quality products backed by in-house development and years of practical experience.

"We are delighted to have reached this milestone in our partnership with DCC Waterbeds," said Jehannes Bottema, CEO of Spinder. "Dual waterbeds are incredibly popular among dairy farmers, who appreciate their benefits for their cows. We are proud to play a role in improving the well-being of cows and dairy farmers." Spinder is a reliable partner for thousands of farmers across Europe because it offers innovative and effective solutions that contribute to an increase of cow longevity and the overall performance of the dairy farm. With the delivery of the 200th container of Dual waterbeds, Spinder has once again demonstrated its commitment to providing farmers with the best possible products and services.

The dual waterbed has two water compartments. The front knee compartment is filled with extra water and ensures that the cow does not come into contact with the hard surface when lying down. Once the cow lies down, it " floats" on the waterbed.