Waved neck bar: a must have for a growing business

Buet båsskiller: et must for en voksende virksomhet

25 September 2020

The four benefits for the farmer and the cow

In a new build most cubicles are equipped with a waved neck bar. Also in Renovation a waved neck bar is often used to create ample space for the cow. Older cubicles usually have dimensions that no longer fit the current, larger, herd. With a waved neck bar the cows can make optimal use of the space in the cubicle. An easy and inexpensive way to grow your barn to match your cows, with positive effects on animal wellbeing, labor and cow comfort.

1. Increase animal wellbeing

Sometimes it is not possible to provide the cow with the right space in the cubicle. The old cubicles are too narrow, too short or the dividers are too low. Wounds or hairless spots on the cows neck are clear signs of this. To increase the space, the straight neck bar can easily be replaced by a Spinder waved neck bar. This can increase the height at the withers by up to 30 centimeters. Without the old straight neck bar, the cow will no longer be hindered in her movements and injuries will be prevented. She will make better use of the cubicle and will lie down more often and longer, which benefits milk production and hoof health.

2. Maximum cow comfort and minimal labor: guiding effect

A cow rests on average between 12 and 14 hours a day. During that time, in addition to milk, she produces urine and manure. If the dimensions of the cubicle or not optimal, the cow might lie down too far to the front of the cubicle or even off-centered and as a result the bedding will become soiled. This brings more work cleaning the cubicles.
PE knieboombuis van Spinder
Due to the waved shape the cow has plenty of room to stand straight and in the middle of the cubicle, resulting in a cow that lies centered in the cubicle. With this guiding effect, less urine and manure will end up on the bedding and the cubicle stays clean and dry. This will not only save sand, litter or other bedding materials but will also save labor in grooming and cleaning the cubicles. The cows udder will stay clean and bacterial pressure is lower, resulting in less infections and better udder health.

For an even better resting position of the cow in the cubicle, the waved neck bar can be combined with a PE knee bar or brisket board. By mounting the PE bar in the front of the cubicle, the cow can be positioned with her rear at the back end of the cubicle, which prevents soiled bedding. If the cows lie straight in the cubicles they will not disturb their neighbours. Your cows will be calmer and make better use of the cubicle as a resting place where they can ruminate undisturbed.

3. Stability and strength for the cubicle dividers


The standard neck bar (straight) is placed to the front of the cubicle dividers in order to provide as much space as possible for the cows movements. The connection with the dividers is minimal. With a waved neck bar, the attachment point to the dividers can be moved further back without it hindering the cow. This way the complete row will gain stability and strength without putting too much strain on the dividers.

A waved neck bar allows for variable adjustment of the diagonal of the cubicle. You can create the ideal distance from the bedding to the divider, suited for your herd. This is an easy and inexpensive way to renovate older cubicle dividers to suit modern dimensions and growing cows.

4. Always the right length

Spinder delivers waved neck bars for cubles with widths: 110 cm - 112,5 cm - 115 cm - 120 cm - 125 cm and 131 cm. If the width needed is not available, a combination of waved neck bars of different dimensions can be used. Alternatively using 115 cm and 120 cm will perfectly fit a cubicle row of 117,5 cm.

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