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Model Fitbox

Model Fitbox: the flexible, robust free stall divider

The flexible Fitbox made of glass fiber takes cow comfort to a higher level and as a result ensures a longer productive life. If a cow contacts the freestall divider when lying down or standing up, the divider flexes with the cow and pushes back against the cow. Not annoying or stressful, but pleasant

Glass fibre dividers are functional, unique and robust, just like freestall dividers made of steel, but they also have other strong features..

The Fitbox flexes a little, but also pushes back. The cow is motivated to stand and lie straight, but the contact with the freestall divider is slightly more friendly for the cow. Older cows in particular will appreciate this. The flexibility contributes to the stall's robustness and ensures years of lying pleasure. The relatively slim rods allow for a straightforward design that leaves as much room as possible for the cow. And that's what it's all about.

Thanks to the slim profile, the space is used to an optimum and the cow has more room. At the same time, thanks to this slim profile, the farmer has a better overview of his barn; after all, there is less material in sight.


The name Fitbox tells in one word the story of the flexible freestall divider by Spinder. Being fit is important, also for a cow. The farmer who chooses the Fitbox will discover that his animals experience more comfort. The Fitbox therefore helps to improve the productive life of the herd. Always the right fit, to keep your cows fit!

  • Animal friendly; flexes along with the cow
  • Long life, super strong fiberglass
  • More space due to slim design
  • Can be fitted into almost any situation
  • Can be combined with all types of box coverings
  • more flexibility with fitbox in the barn
  • more flexibility with fitbox in the barn
  • more flexibility with fitbox in the barn
  • Fitbox in the barn

Specifications model Fitbox

The Fitbox is a combination of glass fiber (solid 3 cm), a steel connecting part and steel clamps. It can be applied to various types and sizes of box covers. Because the glass fiber rods can easily be shortened, model Fitbox can be applied in virtually all situations.

For a modern Holstein cow Spinder recommends a box width of 120 cm, but thanks to the slim profile 115 cm can also be appropriate.


Model Fitbox can be mounted to 60 mm support posts.


Standard delivery includes:

  • divider plus clamps for attachment to 60 mm support post

In addition, various accessories are available which are necessary for mounting.

The waved neck bar can also be used to steer the cow straight into the cubicle. A knee rail ensures a correct lying position.


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Specifications model Fitbox

More information

All information regarding freestall dividers model Fitbox can be found in our leaflet:

Fitbox leaflet

Or view our Fitbox video:


Technical Drawings

Technical drawings are available for the installation of the model Fitbox free stall divider. Click on the link below to download the pdf file.


Mounting instructions Fitbox Single

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